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October 17, 2014

Vol 78, No. 41






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B5Command Lines

B6Military Marketplace

Sick, injured sea turtles rescued in NASP waters

On Oct. 10, Navy Natural Resources Manager Mark Gibson and Student Conservation Association intern Ryan Klausch were surprised to learn that a juvenile green sea turtle had been reported near the U.S. Coast Guard Station Pensacola.

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Strong supply lines help NHP succeed

The logistics required to keep a hospital supplied and running properly are a large task, but Naval Hospital Pensacola’s (NHP) Materials Management Department (MMD) is up to the challenge.

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NAS Whiting Field is getting energized

The Department of the Navy is participating in “Energy Action Month” to highlight energy initiatives to maximize the effectiveness of ongoing energy efforts. Whether on shore or deployed in enemy territory, improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability can have a large impact on mission capability.

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Ghost tales, haunted history aboard NAS Pensacola

Over the years, several buildings at NASP have attained the reputation of being haunted. Whether or not you believe in ghosts or scientific explanation, a number of witnesses have reported eerie phenomena that seem to defy the senses.

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