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October 31, 2014

Vol 78, No. 43






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B4Off Duty

B5Command Lines

B6Military Marketplace

Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show at NAS Pensacola

The Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, will close the 2014 season at their annual Homecoming Air Show aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola Nov. 7-9. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the air station, this year’s show days will include a special night show

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Retired Navy T-39 training jet continues service

Like many retired Navy veterans that have served decades on active duty only to return to serving their country in another role, one of the last T-39 Sabreliner jets to fly at Naval Air Station Pensacola will help instruct students at George Stone Technical Center.

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Navarre HS Student 2 Student club recognized

A student-run outreach program, S2S connects with military students transitioning into Navarre and invites them into the community. The club throws tailgate parties at football games, hosts holiday dinners, and most of all, they look out for the new guys.

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NETPDTC celebrates Navy’s 239th Birthday

The Naval Education and Training Professional Development Technology Center celebrated the Navy’s 239th birthday with a cake cutting hosted by NETPDTC’s Welfare and Recreation Committee Oct. 10. More than 75 Saufley Field civilians and sailors attended the celebration.

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