The Healthy Alternative

From the General Manager:

Happy New Year to all of our members and patrons!

The holidays have come and gone; I sure hope you and your family were able to spend time together. My family and I sat down to several really nice meals at which we spent hours just talking and enjoying each other’s company. If you are like me, overeating was part of your holiday. It’s now time to refocus and get back on track to healthy eating. Inside of this publication, there are many tips, recipes and suggestions on how to get started on your healthy eating plan. Please take a little time and enjoy this issue.

As always, Ever’man is here to help. We have the most wholesome and nutritious foods you and your family need. January is a month full of New Year’s resolutions and we are here to support you. Please do not hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff to answer your questions, both in the store and on the phone.  They are happy to provide you with friendly service.

Here at your co-op, we had a really good year. We plan for 2017 to be just as prosperous. The financial condition of your co-op is very healthy and the sales continue to increase with new customers and members. This past year we added many more products to our shelves including a huge line of co-op only brands, like Field Day and Natural Value. These items are great quality products at a very reasonable price. We will be adding more product lines as they become available to your co-op.

You might have also heard some really good news for your co-op. After years of planning for the opening of a second location, the first step toward making that a reality was taken in 2016, when we located a piece of property on Nine Mile Road that really fits our needs. The board unanimously approved the purchase of this four acre property. Of course, it will take time to develop this project. We are in the process of hiring an architectural firm to help us design the right building for our needs. I expect it to take anywhere between 18 to 24 months to get the store designed, approved, built and opened for business. This will be our first store built from the ground up. We are as excited as you are, but please, be patient as we go through each stage with care and diligence to ensure the result is a store that will delight members, customers and staff alike.

This time of year is board election season at your co-op. We have an uncontested election this year. There are three seats up for election and only three candidates. Therefore, all three candidates (all incumbents) will be reseated for three year terms. Please help me show appreciation to Stephen Moody, Kelly Oden and Lynn Jackson for their willingness to volunteer for co-op service. A three year term is a big commitment. We appreciate all of our Ever’man Board Directors.

In closing, I want to thank you for your support of our co-op. It’s this support that keeps us financially healthy and growing. We truly appreciate each and every member and patron. I look forward to seeing you in the store soon.


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