P.C. Wu: A Lifetime of Service

When P.C. Wu says it’s the people that make Pensacola such a wonderful place, one can’t help but think that he perfectly exemplifies his own point. Truly, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, Wu is also incredibly down to earth. Born the son of Chinese immigrants, Wu grew up in Savannah, GA …
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P.C. Wu featured on new Coming of Age cover

An exclusive interview with P.C. Wu. Also: Alzheimer’s, Ageism and Finding Love at Any Age

Ever’man co-op shares Earth Day ideas and store news

Earth Day, Ever’man Anniversary, All About Organic

An Iconic Undertaking: The scale of the new Pensacola Bay Bridge project

By Will Isern The scale of the new Pensacola Bay Bridge project can be hard to grasp. Hundreds of millions of pounds of concrete. Twenty four million pounds of steel. Four hundred million dollars. The single largest transportation infrastructure project in Northwest Florida history. “It’s one thing to see it on paper,” said Santa Rosa …
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How to start keeping bees in Northwest Florida

By Will Isern As environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyles go more and more mainstream, some homeowners have taken to keeping honeybees in their backyards. Beekeeping can be a symbiotic and fun hobby for the beekeeper, and it may be easier to get in to than you might guess. “It’s probably one of the most interesting …
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This new Chase Street house is peak modernity

By Kelly Oden Empty lots in Downtown Pensacola are filling up fast. Most of the infill housing designs are either energy efficient cottages, two story homes with historic details, or townhomes. However, if you’ve driven down West Chase Street, you may have seen the unique, modern new construction home recently completed by Omega Construction. The …
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