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It’s time to pop some buttery popcorn, dim the lights and settle comfortably into the cushy, air-conditioned bliss of Summer Blockbusters. Only metaphorically, of course! You don’t want to spend the season languishing dully in front of a giant screen, your mouth slightly agape and bits of candy ensnared in your shirt collar. It’s summertime and adventures await! The calendar is packed this month so you can be the star of your own Summer Blockbuster in Downtown Pensacola.

Showtime starts with a bang at the Sertoma Fourth of July celebration where a daylong festival will take over Seville Square followed by a fireworks extravaganza set to music after sunset. July’s second act will come in the form of the wildly popular Blue Angels summer show at Pensacola Beach. The feats of aeronautical prowess guarantee fast-paced summer fun for the thousands that view the show.

If that’s not enough heart-pounding action, how about an extended chase sequence? The Seville Quarter Running of the Bulls will come to the streets July 18, with runners acting as fleeing matadors and horned roller derby girls with wiffle ball bats playing the part of the raging bulls. The event is one part of a full weekend of festivities with Spanish flair at Seville Quarter.      

If you’re not in the mood for courting danger, try the annual Crab Cake Cook Off benefit at Seville on July 22. Local chefs compete in a cutthroat competition of the tastiest crab cakes and guests get to savor and judge the winners while local charity Arc Gateway reaps the benefits—a feel good event for everyone! Get the details on page 19.

Make your perfect Summer Blockbuster Downtown with these or a host of other events going on throughout this month. Gallery Night, Palafox Market, Evenings in Olde Seville Square and even literal blockbusters at the Summer Classic Movies Series all await you during July, so get out there and embrace the good summer vibes that are coursing through the city along with the undulating waves of scorching wet heat!

This month also marks my final editorial for Downtown Crowd, for by the time you read this, I’ll already be gone. Just to a different job in the very near vicinity of this one—don’t worry! It’s my pleasure to drag Josh Newby from the shadowy backstage and into the spotlight as your new DTC editor! Welcome to your own page, Josh! While the credits may be rolling on my tenure as editor, the last five years is most definitely a time that, much like a beloved film, I’ll joyously revisit again and again.

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