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Girl-about-town Emily Lullo has been spotted excessively carousing throughout the Downtown area all summer long. Whether enjoying a girls night dinner sharing tapas at Global Grill, hitting the dance floor for a wee-hours groove sesh at Phineas Phogg’s, or bopping to some New Orleans brass tunes at Vinyl last month, this self-proclaimed P-list celebrity has been racking up face time along with hefty tabs at every hotspot within a six block radius of Palafox.

While her accountant, which may or may not be what she refers to her bank teller as, might scoff at the high roller status she’s clearly achieving at Downtown’s many eateries and watering holes, Lullo prefers to think of her rainmaking ways as her contribution to the local community’s economy, a stimulus of sorts from which all participants benefit.

However, with the many demands of modern men and women and their respective pocketbooks, knowing Downtown’s best deals and steals is the only way to eat and drink like a local celeb without the need for an A-list paycheck. This issue of DTC features our annual Specials list, complete with every happy hour, 2-for-1 and house special in Downtown on any given day in an easy-to-tear-out-and-hang-on-your-fridge format. Don’t leave home for a night on the town without it!

As always, this issue also includes your Official Gallery Night Guide. With its position cemented as the place to see and be seen for an extravaganza of art, music, food and dubious street fashion, Gallery Night remains a premier Downtown event. Inside sources say the monthly gathering is now attracting out-of-towners for overnight stays and the coveted status of a “heads in beds” event. Throw on your best Gallery Night outfit, document your sartorial choices on Instagram, then head out with our guide and all the other essentials you’ll need for a perfect night (see page 20).

While you partake of all the night’s glamorous offerings, make sure to support the great local venues that
participate in Gallery Night as well as the local and regional artists that make it what it is. And, above all, don’t forget to strike a pose when the DTC paparazzo approaches.

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