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The changing mood of different times of the year is scarcely more evident than in the early months. There’s a flash paper burst of vigor that quickly fades in January, leading into the bleak doldrums of mid-January through the end of February. While those dark times are punctuated by some festive attempts to overcome the wintery dreariness (Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, the odd 70 degree day here and there), it’s by and large a time frame during which the struggle against modern hibernation (takeout, a space heater and a Netflix queue) is real and almost insurmountable.

As of this writing, the temperature outside is 38 but feels like 31 and there’s an endless gray stretching into the horizon. I just ate a salad and it was literally the most unsatisfying cold day lunch I have ever experienced. You cannot enjoy a salad in the winter! Luckily, there’s a warm light at the end of this tunnel of misery and it’s March!

The days will be longer and warmer, and the risk of static electricity related yelping when exiting a vehicle will be down to threat level chartreuse. It will be glorious, my friends. And the lineup of March activities was designed specifically to coax you out of your seasonal stupor and into the sunshine. Take a minute to let your eyes adjust to the light, then dive in to the plethora of outdoor adventures that are blossoming throughout Downtown.

Love BBQ and/or bicycles? Each has its own festival this month—the Smokin’ in the Square BBQ Cookoff and the Funky Bike Fest. Looking for an outing with your four-legged friend? Check out A Bark to Remember at the Maritime Park. There’s plenty more on tap for outdoor fun in March, starting on page 5.

As long as you’re getting out of the house, be sure to spend an evening at Vinyl Music Hall to take in some of the acts they’re booking this spring. Josh Newby interviewed two very different performers for this issue—just a small slice of the diverse entertainment offered at Vinyl.

There’s a lot to look forward to this month, and from my vantage point of the middle of a chilly February slump, the glimmer of March’s allure looks especially inviting. Until then, I’ll be planning my return to the outside world and sufficient vitamin D levels at the flurry of Downtown festivals and events that continue sprouting up well into next fall. I’ll see everyone on the other side.

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