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I sometimes hear people say that they often hear people say that there’s nothing to do in Pensacola. I think people stopped actually saying there’s nothing to do here when Downtown blatantly exploded with activity—live music, new events, markets, festivals, tons of bar and restaurant options—but people are still saying that people say there’s nothing to do, as if ghostly whispers of boredom are still echoing down Palafox across the intervening years when Downtown stopped being an actual ghost town.

People on Palafox wouldn’t hear those time-traveling whispers anyway because they’re too busy shopping, eating at sidewalk cafe tables, heading to the next party spot, or possibly navigating the massive crowds that come down monthly for Gallery Night. I think we’re all pretty clear that there’s plenty to do here—too much to do in some cases.

I, personally, often find myself running Downtown for a singular errand—say, to grab some freshly baked English muffins from a baker at Palafox Market—and then ending up on a sprawling epic journey, faced with new discoveries, myriad dynamic characters and often unplanned day drinking. Next thing I know, my fiance is texting me from home, “WHERE ARE THE ENGLISH MUFFINS?” along with assorted angry emojis. Hark, barkeep! I need to pay out for this bloody Mary, for this journey has met its end, but there are plenty more where that one came from!

Any day Downtown is a veritable fountainhead of possibilities just waiting for you to come down and Choose Your Own Adventure! Whether you end up being foisted on the shoulders of a roving Mardi Gras krewe and paraded through the streets or simply enjoying a delightful iced chai in the park while poring over this copy of DTC is up to you and the choices ahead.

And there are plenty of possibilities and choices to be made this month. Will you gather the courage to go in for a kiss with your longtime crush under the tinted glow of fireworks at the Sertoma Fourth of July celebration? Will you be hospitalized after being brutally assaulted and run over by roller skating bulls at Seville Quarter’s Running of the Bulls? Will you finally learn that comfortable shoes are a must for July’s Gallery Night and not try to cram your size 9 wide feet into vintage heels for a night of walking all over Downtown? Well, will you?!

There’s only one way to find out! DTC invites you to kick off your own customized Downtown Adventure, both in real life and on the following pages. Enjoy and Godspeed!

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