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Wow, you guys. This year is flying by! Maybe it’s the crisp fall breezes or perhaps it’s the jam-packed end-of-year calendar, but I’m feeling whipped into a frothy, slightly early bout of frenzied nostalgia for the last eight months. This year I dubbed 2014 my year of “Full”— full heart, brain, schedule and tummy—and I think I’ve satisfactorily lived up to those ideals thus far, but November will test the bounds of the fullness factor in ways for which we can only hope the rest of the year has adequately prepared me—as well as you, dear readers.

This month brings Foo Foo Fest, a panoply of activities and exhibits under one banner that will cram nearly countless events into the 12-day span from Nov. 6 through 17. Some are old favorites like the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival and the First City Art Center Glass Jam, while others are fresh, exciting additions like a projection installation at Artel Gallery and Pensacon’s Pop Expo.

Throughout this year I’ve been delighted by several exhibits at the Pensacola Museum of Art. There was a fascinating array of vintage war propaganda, the blockbuster LEGO exhibit, and I found myself transfixed by the whimsy and the rich context of the recent exhibit of paintings by Hunt Slonem. When I saw the bursts of blue, turquoise and orange painted on the museum’s walls during that exhibit, I wondered just what goes into each installation. DTC took a peek behind the scenes with the curator and volunteers who put in mountains of work to bring exhibits to life, and we hope you’ll appreciate those efforts with a visit to the PMA to see what’s been meticulously displayed this month!

November also brings one of my absolute favorite Pensacola things: Ice Flyers ice hockey! We got the chance to photograph some key members of the back-to-back SPHL champions to introduce this year’s team to the community. Toward the end of this month, many might be feeling the stress of impending holidays. Make room in your schedule for the Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, the perfect way to reinvigorate your body and spirit amid the inevitable chaos.

This year, and the next months, are indeed completely and utterly full, especially for Downtown. November begs the question, though, at what point does full become bursting at the seams and at what point do those seams get torn asunder in an explosive spout of gooey, metaphorical/literal volcanic eruption of emotion/puke that covers the vicinity like the Marshmallow Man in the climactic showdown in Ghostbusters? These are the questions this month will undoubtedly answer.

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