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There is an incessant buzz of ongoing and forthcoming large scale developments in and around Downtown. Whether it’s the YMCA or the potential of a certain huge swath of unused property, these types of projects involve huge investments and unfathomable scope to the average Joe strolling down the street. At this moment in Downtown’s growth, though, average Joes and Janes can make a big impact of their own. If Downtown is a work in progress that is gradually moving toward its heretofore unseen potential, there must be a multitude of efforts—big and small alike—to make that happen.   

In this issue we’re applauding some of the many Works in Progress that are currently moving Downtown forward with the efforts of the proverbial little guys. From aesthetic improvements to a long-awaited renovation, to the ways in which the community is getting energized and involved in civic enhancement, we love hearing the stories behind the sparks of momentum throughout Downtown.

Speaking of sparks, the festival season is getting fired up this month with Jazz Fest, coming to Seville Square April 11-12. Tons of music and gorgeous weather will make for a pitch perfect weekend in the Historic District. The only thing missing is a sumptuous glass of wine, and for that you can head to the Bayfront Wine Festival for a pairing dinner on April 10 and a grand tasting event on April 11, all in Plaza de Luna overlooking the bay.

This month also brings what many in our office consider to be the party of the year: Pensacola Little Theatre’s annual Cabaret. PLT pulls out all the stops on décor, entertainment, costumes and tasty fare to throw a themed extravaganza of extreme proportions. We give you a peek at what goes into this year’s event on page 14, but the only way to truly understand it is to experience it for yourself. Plus, it all supports the productions and outreach programs of PLT so join the party for a great cause!

I’m dismayed to unfortunately be missing out on these incredible events, as I will be on a spring vacation exploring a few other downtowns. In Europe. For science. On my behalf, please enjoy the works in progress and April offerings that Downtown has on tap. Ciao!   

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