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As Downtown Crowd’s new editor, I have some big shoes to fill. Emily worked hard to infuse these pages with a wit that seemed effortless and fascinating content that sought to educate as well as entertain. Her unique perspective on Downtown lent this publication a buoyant voice that will be difficult to mimic. Thankfully, she had the foresight to leave me a helpful folder outlining her mad methods. With that proverbial guidebook in tow, and a fearless new recruit named Dawn willing to laugh at my nonsensical jokes, I press onward into my first foray as overlord of this fine publication.

Our main feature this month concerns the music of Downtown. As industry, technology and business continue to grow, expanding both the literal and figurative boundaries of this once quaint area of town, the heart of rock and roll is still strongly beating. Local garage bands and even big-time, touring musical acts serve as the soundtrack to Pensacola’s progress, and what a great soundtrack it is. We had the chance to chat with a few of these acts, and even some street performers who borrow from others’ music and make it their own, starting on page 11.

Spending all that money on cover prices and admission tickets will of course necessitate budgeting in other ways, and we’ve got that covered, too. Our annual specials guide gives you the details on all the drink and food specials that will help you penny-pinchers out there enjoy the most of Downtown without dipping into your precious and depressingly small savings account. We made the awkward phone calls so you don’t have to! Get the scoop on page 7.

Following our music theme, did you know there exists a Broadway-style musical based on Pensacola as the cradle of Naval aviation? Well, neither did we. That is, until we heard about Seaplane, an all-American musical about the first officially witnessed flight in aviation history. The original stage production took place in Pensacola in 1989 followed by a special performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. On Aug. 28, the musical sensation comes home. We have all the details on page 14.

So there you have it! Another issue of Downtown Crowd bursting at the seams with stuff to do, just like Pensacola itself!

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