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For me and most people I know, food is not just a fundamental necessity. Rather, it is a journey, a spiritual one I’d argue, best undertaken with friends, family and an open mind. As our industrial food complex becomes bigger than most of us can even begin to wrap our minds around, a great many people are searching for ways to reconnect with their food. For some, that simply means more home cooked meals, while others plant gardens and grow their favorite fruits and vegetables. For a growing handful of people, that means creating hand crafted, small batch food products and selling them in the community. Many years ago, this was extremely common. You knew where most of your food came from—you bought your bread from the baker, your milk from the local dairy farmer, your produce at the local grocery or farmer’s market and your friends and family passed around jars of jams, pickles and sauces. Well, if your family has long given up on the art of canning or baking, fear not. The Gulf Coast is full of artisan food vendors creating wonderful craft foods—everything from honey and baked goods to  salsas, jams, jellies, pickles and more. And we have gathered many of them here in this craft food issue of Pensacola Magazine. Special thanks to Teresa at Palafox Market and Betsy at Ever’man Cooperative Grocery and Cafe for their help collecting all of these fantastic products!

In addition, Emily Lullo discusses the variety of local eggs available, including ostrich eggs! Read all about the humane living conditions that translate into more nutritious and delicious eggs than conventional industrially produced eggs. Josh Newby also illustrates our sometimes contradictory ideas about buying and eating meat in America and offers an alternative to store bought meat.

Don’t miss out on all of the tasty events this month either—from A Taste of the Beach and Seafood Fest to the Pensacola Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser (a favorite among the local foodies), Suite Soirée. I hope to see you all out at as many of these events as my waistline can handle! Bon appetit!

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