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I’ve always admired performers. The ability to go out onto a stage and sing a song, play an instrument or deliver a line is just not something I’ve ever really possessed. This fact was brought home to me quite clearly in ninth grade when I auditioned for the part of Antigone in my high school play. In my heart and mind, I was Antigone. I was a Greek geek, having loved the mythology since I was a young child and I knew that no one else could possibly understand this strong and complex character the way I did. Unfortunately, when it came time to speak my lines in the audition…. Well, let’s just say I ended up playing a messenger. And truth be told, I even messed up those two or three lines. Sigh. An Academy Award/Grammy/Tony/Emmy is not in my future. Not for performance at least. Maybe I’ll write a screenplay. Or, maybe I will just head out to one of the many performing arts venues Pensacola has to offer and enjoy the talents of our professional performing arts community. The world needs spectators, right? In honor of that talented group of brave stage lovers, Pensacola Magazine has profiled a few of the many talented performing artists in our community. From the ballet, the opera and the symphony to community theatre and comedy, these artists are at the top of their game and they share what it’s like to live the artist’s life beginning on page 54. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of these local talents and catching a glimpse of what it takes to create their respective forms of art. We hope you enjoy it too.

If performing is something you’ve always dreamed of, have no fear. Pensacola offers a variety of opportunities for performance arts education for the young and old alike. Local colleges and universities, Teen Shakespeare, Pensacola Children’s Chorus and a number of outreach programs from professional and community performing arts organizations—they all offer classes to help bring out your inner performer. Find your outlet on page 51.

In this first issue of 2015 we also profile the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters and a particularly inspiring mentor. January is National Mentoring Month, so we hope this inspires you to get out and give a little of your time, kindness and experience to a young person in need.

This month also marks the beginning of a new look for Pensacola Magazine. You’ll notice that our business magazine, Northwest Florida’s Business Climate Magazine has now been integrated in to Pensacola Magazine as a special section. This will enable us to bring you even more of the great business news you’ve come to expect from Business Climate.

I hope you enjoy this issue and I hope 2015 brings you plenty of joy, growth and love.

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