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I love food. I really do. Those of you who know me personally know that I enjoy nothing more than a great meal and while I can cook a few dishes, my talents in the kitchen definitely have their limitations. So naturally, I have a great deal of love and admiration for those who can command a kitchen and turn out delicious cuisine. And, while the ability to cook great food knows no gender barriers, this month, in honor of our annual women’s issue, we’ve profiled five amazing local female chefs who are shining bright in the local culinary scene. I’ve had the good fortune to eat meals prepared by each of these talented women and I’ve enjoyed them all. I had Mother’s Day Brunch at Jaco’s this year and I loved the Brie stuffed French toast. I stop by Carmen’s as often as I can. Mari delicately and expertly blends flavors to create the best soups in town. I recently had dinner at Iron and Amber’s desserts were unbelievably delicious. I think our table had one of everything, but my favorite was the berry cobbler. My mom and I frequently visit the Magnolia for its welcoming atmosphere, great music and delicious comfort food. And End of the Line is a must visit for the health conscious foodie—vegan or not, their food is fantastic. In the spirit of sisterhood and great local food, I hope you enjoy reading about these talented women and I hope you venture out and try a dish or two soon. From international fare to American comfort food and from fine dining to local joints, these culinary creatives are sure to whip up something amazing to please your palate.

Also in this issue, the ever talented Rebecca Taylor, owner of Vivid. Artistic Hair Design created some gorgeous must have hairstyles for summer. The photos, shot by Melissa Wilson, turned out lovely and I hope it provides some inspiration for your summer style. I love the old-world braids and the balayage. Which ones do you love?

Being a woman sometimes comes with its own strange set of issues. In this issue Emily Lullo tackles a subject many women struggle with—body image. In this ‘skinny is best’ society, it can be difficult to have a healthy view of one’s body, but I’m happy to see more young women embracing their curves and shunning the unhealthy diets and unrealistic expectations so prevalent in modern media. As a mom, I also hope to instill a strong sense of self worth in my daughter that has nothing to do with what she looks like. Read Emily’s article on page 12 for some thought provoking discussion and great suggestions to help you develop and maintain a positive body image.

Finally, I am a bit of a frugal shopper. I especially hate to waste money on a product I may not end up liking. If the enormous success of subscription based trial services is any indication, I am not alone. From food and makeup to art, jewelry and DIY kits there seems to be a ‘try before you buy’ subscription box option for everything. This month, we tried a few of the more unique options on the market and profiled them here. Perhaps you’ll find one that suits your shopping style.

Happy July, keep cool and enjoy your summer!

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