Downtown Crowd


By Tanner Yea and Hana Frenette—

Everyone knows the holidays can be extremely stressful. Between all of the planning, the cooking, and cramming all of your relatives into one home, it’s a miracle in itself if you can make it through Thanksgiving alive and with your sanity partially intact.

We’ve put together a list of some of the bars open on thanksgiving where you might be able to seek refuge from your visiting in-laws or nosey Aunt Nancy. but beware, some of these bars might provide a reunion of a different sort.

Chizuko: Our local hip bar, chizuko will provide enough punk and art attitude to make your annoying relatives think its too ‘extreme’, while in reality being one of the most relaxed spots in the city. Enjoy vegan-friendly beer, sake, and vegan snacks, and perhaps catch a local concert or dance party. Every night is different and interesting, which is more than you can say about your uncle’s political views.

Intermission: Sometimes you can’t beat the classics, and Intermission is about as classic as you can get without being caught in a bust at the Sandshaker. Intermission has three bars, plenty of bar games, great liquor and lots of dance space. Be it just a night of gin and tonics are shooting pool with some of your cousins, Intermission offers a relaxed but authentic bar experience.

World of Beer: Thanksgiving is not only a time for gorging yourself on stuffing and green bean casserole, but also a time to get unreasonably excited about football. World of Beer is your one stop location to burn off all that turkey by yelling a lot. A beer selection in the hundreds, great pub food fare and massive TVs will make sure you don’t miss a touchdown or slapshot while slowly forgetting your one-year-old niece’s refusal to eat macaroni and cheese for two hours.

Beach Bars: Nothing says “relatives visiting Florida” like your aunt from Illinois pestering you to go to the beach in 50 degree weather. Luckily, there is plenty of alcohol to counteract how they will complain about how windy it is. Bars like Casino Beach Bar & Grille, The Sandbar, Bamboo Willie’s and Paradise Bar & Grill provide tropical drinks, great seafood and an escape from the inevitable holiday beach traffic.

The Azalea: Once you’ve finally caved and can no longer make polite small talk, bask in the comforting red glow of the chandeliers and forget your worries with the stiffest drink in town.