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Classic & Cultured

According to Pensacola’s resident experts, wedding jewelry is moving back to the traditional and classic looks that define the 20th century’s most timeless weddings. White gold with pearls, understated earrings, and simple, gorgeous necklaces: these are the pieces that will set the mood for your big day, allowing you to look back in five – or 50 – years with as much pride and adoration as you felt the moment you vowed to one another your true love forever.

Le Maison d’Elodie
An expert with years in the jewelry industry, Elodie has seen brides both older and younger going toward a more unique feel, often choosing to modernize with an unexpectedly antique vintage piece.

She has also seen some color introduced into the wedding day palette: pieces that are purple or green are gaining in popularity, as are engagement rings with colored stones, bezeled with diamonds.

To make the big day distinctly yours, she recommends adding some pearls or even the family brooch to your bridal bouquet. Speaking of brooches, Elodie loves the look of a vintage purse with an heirloom brooch on it.

Regardless of your style, you’re sure to find it at Elodie Jewelry. They have a wide range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces – and even accessories that can become hairpieces.

Bere Jewelers
At Beré, they have noticed many of the same trends as Elodie. That means vintage-inspired design and lots of diamond earrings. They also recommend rose gold, which is threatening to take away yellow gold’s spot as second most desired metal for wedding days. Many modern brides are also seeking to mix and match different types of colored metals. That could mean a mix of white, rose and yellow gold for a uniquely mismatched style.

Stacking is also hot right now, which is when multiple bands are placed on the same finger for a big look. While round-cut diamonds will always be number-one, cushion- or oval-cut center diamonds have been growing in popularity for some time now.

Regardless of what individual styles you adopt, Beré recommends always coordinating with the wedding party and using classic designs that will always be attractive – even years from now.

Jeweler’s Trade Shop
Jeweler’s Trade Shop in Downtown Pensacola is one of the main spots for high-end, high-fashion wedding jewelry. The helpful staff there echoed many of the same sentiments as Beré: rose gold and classic appeal.

According to Sarah Davis, last decade’s push for glamor and glitz has died down, and the industry has regained its traditional senses. You can’t go wrong with a pair of earrings and even a right-hand ring, says Sarah.

She agreed that many brides are choosing to mix metals, and encouraged them to do so, as long as it falls in line with what is considered classically beautiful.

While comfort is important, Sarah urges brides to balance that with sophistication and timeless appeal, two things that (thankfully) never go out of style.