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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas You Can Feel Good About

It’s no surprise that during the holiday season, there’s a whole lot of gift wrapping going on, and whether or not all that paper can be recycled depends on the type. In fact, most of the gift wrap out there isn’t eco-friendly at all—even if it is made of paper. Traditional glossy wrapping paper is finished with polyethylene, polypropylene and laminates, which makes it incredibly hard to recycle.

Fortunately, there are tons of eco-friendly gift wrap options out there that’ll still give you that gorgeous under-the-tree look, while minimizing the impact on the planet. Think recyclable paper, reusable fabrics, vintage finds or even a gift wrap that’s part of the gift itself. Dress up your packages with baker’s twine, raffia or sprigs of festive greenery to add a little panache. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly gift-wrapping options to make this holiday truly green.