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Getting Graphic: PSC’s Graphic Arts Exhibit

“Production Equals Victory!” by Kurt Lauw, PSC graphic design senior
BAS senior exhibit_Katrice Johnson (Top) “Production Equals Victory!” by Kurt Lauw              (Bottom) “P-51C” by Katrice Johnson

Pensacola State College (PSC) graphic design students are displaying their senior exhibit entitled “70th Anniversary of the Ending of World War II” at the National Naval Aviation Museum aboard NAS Pensacola through Dec. 31.

The theme for the exhibit is the “greatest generation” and it is part of the 70th year commemoration of WWII.

The seven students featured in this year’s exhibit are: Danielle Cornejo, Richard Jeske, Katrice Johnson, Kurt Lauw, Patrick Phillips, Carly Stone and Allyson Vega.

But why is the commemoration of WWII the focus of this year’s senior exhibit?

“Each year, one of the armed services will have an anniversary that a museum exhibit will focus on,” said Mark Hopkins, former art director at the Naval Aviation Museum and current graphic design program coordinator at PSC. “What students had to do in this year’s exhibit was tell the story of the ending of WWII through their graphic work.”

According to Hopkins, the museum’s deputy director Robert “Buddy” Macon was so impressed with this year’s exhibit that he has already begun planning to feature more works by PSC students in 2016 and 2017 exhibits.

The National Naval Aviation Museum is the 12th most visited museum in the country, which means the museum is opening doors for creative college students by allowing them to showcase their works and gain exposure as artists.

The idea for the exhibit started with Hopkins, who asked Buddy if he would consider a PSC and Naval Aviation Museum partnership for the exhibit.

The exhibit was then incorporated as the seniors’ capstone experience, a project that allows students to create an art portfolio and practice real-world skills required for their field.

One such skill is interacting with the client. For this exhibit, students treated the museum and its deputy director as if they were a client requesting creative work.

The students researched in the museum’s library, examining photographs and other artworks, and reviewing all the archives to spur inspiration.

Buddy briefed the students in spring of 2015 and, over the summer, students had to work out ideas on their own time. In fall, they put their ideas in motion for the finished product.

“With this exhibit, I really wanted to challenge our students and give them the opportunity to succeed,” said Hopkins. “There’s thousands who come to visit the museum, so we put out business cards for the students, as well. So not only are the students getting exposure from the exhibit but they are building up their portfolio, too.”

Check out the work of PSC’s talented, graphic artists in the making at Pensacola’s Naval Aviation Museum, where admission is free and doors open 9 am to 5 pm every day.