Downtown Crowd

Makin’ Bacon

By Dawn Gresko

Ladies and gentlemen: swimsuit season is officially over. What does that mean? If you’re any thing like us pork-fat fiends, it means you’re beggin’ for bacon. Rest assured we’ve found several ways for you to stay greased up with bacon this month, which contains every foodie’s favorite holiday: Bacon Day (Dec. 30). And, if your diet doesn’t permit the consumption of regular bacon, try your favorite “facon” (i.e. fake bacon) turkey or tofu alternatives. Let us know how it turns out!

Bacon-Infused Potato Chips (Tin Cow)

If bacon wasn’t crunchy and/or salty enough for you, maybe you’ll get the right amount of both with bacon-infused potato chips. We’re not sure how the bacon-chip-sausage gets made, (though I imagine something like soaking potatoes in the grease of a thousand bacons or pounding bacon strips into potatoes slices with a mallet), but we’re definitely game for trying the Tin Cow’s take on it.

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Is sweet and salty how you like it? If you want to dip that bacon in the nearest batch of liquid chocolate, there’s absolutely no judgment here. In fact, we’ll tell any one who asks that chocolate-covered bacon is a thing. A real thing for you to enjoy without evil (and most likely envious) stares.

Bacon Milkshake (Five Guys)

So you’re not a fan of chocolate, but you still want your sweet-and-savory fix. It’s okay. We’re here to tell you the solution is clear: bacon milkshakes. Look no farther than your nearest Five Guys, who has just the bacony-but-sweet fix you’re craving.


Bacon-Flavored Bourbon

Only the smokiest bacon shall pass: for admittance into bacon-flavored bourbon, that is. If you already dig the oaky undertones of bourbon, then pairing the flavor with smoky, applewood bacon might give your taste buds just what they were salivating for.

Bacon Sushi

Everything tastes better with bacon—even sushi. Ditch the rice roll and replace your grain with bacony goodness. There’s nothing fancy or far-fetched to it, and you should feel free to include all ingredients you with which you traditionally fill your sushi rolls.

PB&B (Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich)

We’ve heard of the BLT and PB&J, but what were to happen if those two ideas somehow meshed? The PB&B (peanut butter and bacon) sandwich. Don’t knock it before you try it: next time you’re making a sandwich for lunch (or brunch) and slathering on the peanut butter make sure you top it off with a little something crunchy… Called bacon.