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Mid-Century Madness

Incorporating Mid-Century Modern Design Into Your Space

Emerging from the middle of the 20th century, the mid-century modern (MCM) aesthetic combines the character and quality of fine craftsmanship with the functionality of modern design, creating pieces that are beautiful, functional and timeless. Characteristics of MCM furniture include prominent lines and curves, deep woods, bold colors and a nice balance of manmade and natural materials.

While MCM home decor has never gone out of style, it is certainly having its moment in the spotlight. With sustainability becoming increasingly important in home design and the rising popularity of vintage style, MCM-style pieces are a no-brainer for those looking to elevate up their homes by incorporating unique and good-for-the-planet pieces.

With all the benefits of MCM decor, it’s no wonder celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres and Zooey Deschanel have all incorporated this timeless style into their homes. Thankfully, you don’t have to go far to find stellar MCM pieces to bring into your home, too. Pensacola holds a treasure trove of unique vintage and vintage-inspired finds, as well as beautifully restored furniture pieces. Local shops like Supertouch Vintage, 850 Retro and In Detail carry quality and stylish MCM pieces that are sure to add a touch of timeless nostalgia to any space.

850 Retro

Instagram: @850retro

850 Retro is a mid-century modern furniture business run by Mark Lannigan. Lannigan became very interested in MCM style about 6 years ago, after purchasing a 1960s home. He began looking for pieces to add to the vintage flair of his home and became a big fan of MCM furnishings.

Today, Lannigan finds, refurbishes and sells MCM furniture through his business, 850 Retro. From bedroom furniture and credenzas to dining sets, Lannigan carries all things vintage or vintage-inspired. “Most of the pieces I pick up are vintage, although once in a while I will pick up a reproduction if it’s a great piece,” he said. “Sometimes I come across stuff that looks like it just came out of the showroom, but for the most part I have to restore most of what I come across.”

Lannigan explained that the style’s simplicity and timelessness lends itself to why MCM furniture is so popular today. “Trends come and go. Some designs are timeless. I think that there are many designs from the mid-century era that are just as popular today as they were back then, and will continue to be well into the future,” he explained. “I think the draw comes from the clean lines and simple, timeless designs. You can take a mid-century piece and incorporate it with various other styles and it works.”

Lannigan posts available pieces on the 850 Retro Instagram page. Direct message the account if you are interested in viewing or purchasing a piece.

Supertouch Vintage


Facebook: @supertouchvintage

Instagram: @supertouch_vintage

Supertouch Vintage is a curated MCM shop founded by Zachary Keaton. In 2019, Keaton first got started with his business by restoring MCM furniture out of his garage. As his work became more popular and Supertouch Vintage took off, Keaton moved his furniture restoration business to a private showroom located at 3960 W. Navy Blvd. in Pensacola.

Since opening his brick-and-mortar showroom, Keaton has been scouring the South looking for unique vintage MCM pieces. Whether they need a good cleaning up or a lot of restoration, he sees the potential in every piece he picks up. Proper restorative work is one of the most important and valuable aspects of Keaton’s business model. “All the pieces that I sell are true vintage and are never reproductions. Most of the time they are restored to their former glory if needed using the same process as the factories they came out of originally,” Keaton explained.

Keaton restores and sells a variety of different types of furniture pieces for any type of home. Casegoods such as dressers, nightstands, buffets and credenzas tend to be some of the most sought-after pieces at Supertouch Vintage. According to Keaton, MCM furniture and home decor remain a popular choice for so many because of the style’s incredible versatility and timeless value.

“In my opinion, the clean lines can work with almost any style of home. There’s a reason why the designs of the 50s and 60s are still relevant today—they’re timeless,” he said. “When you buy a vintage piece of furniture, it’s an investment. It’s valuable today and it’ll be valuable in another 60 years.” are really aiming to accentuate a mid-century feel, consider your fabric selections, too. There are so many fun nubby, textural fabrics that really help translate the MCM feel. Go bold with a fun art chair or some ottomans which will help layer in that collected vibe.”

Keaton regularly posts pieces that are available for purchase on the Supertouch Vintage Instagram page. Available pieces can be viewed by appointment only.

In Detail Interiors


Facebook: @indetailinteriors

Instagram: @indetailinteriors

In Detail provides high-quality furniture pieces and interior design services for just about any home decor style, MCM included. If you are interested in executing a cohesive MCM style throughout your whole home, or just don’t have the time to furnish a room on your own, In Detail offers a variety of interior designing services for every type of home.

Founded more than 20 years ago, In Detail is operated by Cheryl Kees Clendenon and her talented team of designers and directors. Clendenon sought to fill a gap in the local market for eclectic and colorful furnishings, so she opened her own showroom, which is located in downtown Pensacola. In Detail sells a variety of vintage, vintage-inspired and modern pieces sourced from all over the world. The showroom focuses on combining different durable vintage materials that were made to last with new, modern upholstery for comfort and a clean look.

Clendenon says that MCM furniture remains a popular choice in home decor because “It is less fussy than other periods and the MCM style can still be very warm and inviting. This strikes a balance for many people who want to have a classically modern environment—plus the aesthetics are appealing to many. But often many people simply like infusing their homes with just a bit of MCM style, and that is ok too—there are no rules anyone needs to follow.”

In Detail’s retail showroom is open to the public and is located at 1514 N 9th Ave. in Pensacola. For more information about their services, visit the In Detail website.