Downtown Crowd

Pedal Trolley Patrol

A stroll through Downtown Pensacola is both a walk through the past and through a newly bustling yet charming streetscape, replete with remarkable architecture and historic landmarks, not to mention the many unique, local businesses that call this area home. But why stroll the streets when you can pedal, and why pedal a normal bicycle when you can join with friends to utilize one of Pensacola’s newest and most exciting business ventures: Pensacola Pedal Trolley.

The pedal-powered vehicle seats 15 passengers who pedal the group on a Downtown joy ride that can encompass anything from a tailgate before the big game, to a pub crawl or historic tour.

Owner Drew Buchanan is originally from Pensacola but has lived in various cities around the country. He says coming back to see and be a part of Downtown’s resurgence has been a highlight of his life.

“When I was seeking out the perfect city to start my new business, Pensacola stood out like a diamond in the rough. The idea of the Pedal Trolley came to me after thinking of a new business concept that combined the joys of experiencing downtown and the resurging craft beer and cocktail culture with the uniqueness of a social fitness experience,” he says. “The Pensacola Pedal Trolley brings everything we enjoy about Pensacola into one pedal-powered rolling party.”

The trolley itself was customized to resemble the streetcars of old Pensacola, though it has many modern amenities like lights, turn signals, space for purses and a sound hookup that allows riders to bring their own tunes to blast as they zoom (at 5 to 7 mph) through the streets.

“I spent a lot of time at the Museum of Commerce where they have one of the actual trolleys that was used during the early 1900s in Pensacola,” Buchanan says. “We went as far as to use the same shade of streetcar yellow and even utilized reclaimed wood to replicate the antique look of the historic trolleys.”

This pedal party is perfect for celebrations of all kinds or even corporate events, and only about six people are necessary to power it, though the more people pedaling, the easier it is. While riders can’t drink alcohol while the trolley is in motion, the pub crawl— where riders pedal through Downtown, stopping at several bars and pubs along the way—is the most popular tour option as of yet.

With nothing like it on the road, Pensacola Pedal Trolley offers a fun, new Downtown adventure for visitors and locals alike. Tours can be booked seven days a week and the company is always seeking out other businesses and passionate individuals to partner with and help them grow.

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