Port of Pensacola adds 200 manufacturing jobs

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward announced today that a partnership between Offshore Inland and DeepFlex will result in 200 new jobs for the region. The two companies are constructing a new unbonded flexible pipe manufacturing and qualification testing facility at the Port of Pensacola.

“Over the years of Pensacola’s maritime industry, the Port has always kept up with emerging technologies and changing times,” said  Hayward. “Today, we take the next step into the future. These jobs and this facility will diversify the economy. We have stopped talking about the city’s and the Port’s potential and we have started to make it a reality.”

The facility is expected to be fully operational by the second half of 2015 and will be responsible for outputting more than 60 miles of agile and flexible piping that can respond to the needs of the ultra-deep subsea marketplace. $6.6 million in incentives were afforded to the companies, two-thirds from the city and one-third from the state. In return, according to Sen. Don Gaetz, the facility will provide $55 million in economic impact for the area.

“This isn’t just about more jobs; this is about more good jobs,” said Gaetz. “These jobs will pay more than the average wage in Pensacola and will underpin Northwest Florida as an emerging manufacturing leader.”

Felipe Lamego, DeepFlex’s president and CEO, was present at the announcement to discuss the relationships and investments that led to this development.

“This is a major mark in company history,” said Lamego. “We will invest in the city, state and country as you have invested in us. What sets Pensacola apart is the close relationships and welcoming arms that you have extended.”

The pipe produced at the facility will leave the Port as cargo either by truck, rail, barge, cargo ship or direct load-out.

“The infrastructure of the Port is excellent for our needs,” said Lamego. “We will continue to engage with the community and businesses.”