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The Future of Bayfront

The Florida Department of Transportation is working on a feasibility study and gauging public opinion on making changes to Bayfront Parkway. The FDOT seeks to improve traffic flow and safety, and may end up including bike lanes, a roundabout, or changing the complete route altogether. The primary goal of this study is to enhance safety along Bayfront Parkway by recommending corridor improvements that maintain access to the Port of Pensacola and continue to provide for the movement of the traveling public. This includes identifying solutions to improve traffic flow within an area defined by the I-110 interchange, Port of Pensacola, and Pensacola Bay Bridge. The FDOT is hosting a series of three meetings to hear from citizens, business owners and government officials. The final meetings will take place in October. Some citizens are excited about the idea of a roadway more friendly to alternate means of transportation. Some, like Port Director Amy Miller, are concerned about what the future changes might mean for freight vehicles. At this point, everything is still conceptual and so far financing has not even been secured. Some of the changes may be paid for by the state, but the City of Pensacola may have to foot the bill for other changes. The FDOT plans to complete the study by the end of the year with most changes taking place several months or even years after that.