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Tips and Trends

cakeAs a newly engaged bride, chances are your head is spinning with ideas, dates, deadlines and lists.  The pressures and complexities of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Pensacola’s wedding professionals have just what you need to turn the chaos of planning the wedding of your dreams into an organized perfect day. We have compiled a few tips and trends from local wedding experts to help make the process run smoothly.

There are many exciting new trends for 2016 brides. More brides are wearing a second gown for the reception. This is great when you want to sparkle like a princess and show off your shape in a fitted mermaid dress. Other fun trends include high necklines, open and low backs, and blush pink wedding dresses. – Maureen, Bridal Suite

Have fun and enjoy the process. There aren’t any mistakes as long it is something you want. Things aren’t as rigid as they used to be. The trends are ever changing and we are willow-like and always bending to each bride and grooms taste. The rule is that there are no rules. – Robert, Randall’s

When you’re searching for pictures to show your stylist, try to find ones that represent your own look and style. Don’t do anything drastic to your locks before your wedding. Remember you’ll have to look back on those pictures forever and you don’t want to regret changing your look to something that’s not you. Schedule ahead. Book your stylist four to six months ahead of time, and have your trial four to six weeks prior to the wedding. Speak up at your trial, don’t be afraid to have your stylist try a few different do’s. Don’t assume your regular stylist is best for your wedding hair. We all have our areas of expertise and for some that is not wedding hair. – Natalie, Loxx by Natalie

The excitement, entertainment and energy that live music adds to a wedding reception can never be matched by recorded music. Brides who have bands like this will get texts, emails and calls for months afterwards, from friends and guests telling her what a great time they had at her reception. – Glenn, Grand Band

Don’t shop by price alone, that is only part of it. Choose a DJ that can control the flow and make the night seem as if it is natural. Most brides and grooms do not realize how much a DJ makes or breaks the night. Have something going on for the guests while the bride and groom are taking pictures. Have the DJ start when the first guest arrives; this is the perfect time for the guests to use the photo booth. The pictures they receive from the booth are great as a keepsake for the guests, so makes sure the quality of the pictures are good. – Adrian, DJ Connection and Pensacola Photo Booth

Think long and hard about writing your own vows because someone forgets them or does not write them down. Do talk to your partner and officiant about what kind of vows you want. – Karen, Occasions by Karen

Look at the photographer’s website for their style and make sure you are comfortable with it. Also, get background information on the photographers. The most important thing I would say is to have a photography team with both male and female photographers, that way you have both perspectives. I think a woman’s perspective is important. – Barrett, Barrett McClean Photography

Relax. Be authentic and plan early; things will fall into place. Being authentic will allow you to get a sense of who will be the best fit for your wedding resources. – Carmen, Carmen Jones Photography

Keep the style fun and classic. Classic is always timeless. In 30 years, when you look at your wedding pictures you are going to appreciate the classic pictures more than the trendy ones. – Tara, Tara Cook Photography

Hire professionals to help you manage and execute pretty much every aspect of your wedding. You do not want to work on the day of your wedding. Even if you think you have time, you don’t! When you do hire a professional for your wedding, do your research! Get referrals, check reviews and of course word of mouth is the best. Check with your friends and see who they have hired before and would hire again. You can’t put a price on peace of mind on your wedding day knowing that everything is taken care of. You will be thankful you did. – Tracy, Wedding Walls

So often brides and grooms are whisked right into their receptions, but a quick time out is oftentimes just what it takes to refresh and regroup post-ceremony, pre-reception. I love to set up a small table in a hidden spot for our couples and find it’s the perfect time for them to have a bite to eat, sip their favorite drinks and soak in those special first-moments of being husband and wife before heading into their party. – Shannon Reeves, Great Southern Weddings

Make sure that you or your close family/friends aren’t in charge of too many little details on your wedding day. Throughout the wedding planning process, there will be many things that come up that will need to be done on the day of the wedding that sound like they will be easy to do. Too many easy little tasks can to often turn into big issues when you or your loved ones simply do not have enough time to deal with them all on your big day. Relinquishing little details to your hired vendors, even if they seem like something you can do yourself, will make for a much less stressful and enjoyable wedding day. – Paul Silivos, Nancy’s Catering and Events

A caterer’s goal is to create magic with food for your special day. In order to do this, it is important to be up front with your caterer about your budget. Together you will be able to create the perfect menu, one that will reflect yours and the groom’s personality, without any surprises from the budget. Then you can sit back and enjoy as your caterer works their magic and wows you and your guests. – Shannon, Bar B Q with a Twist

When planning your reception, don’t let the bar be an afterthought. Whether you are having an open bar, cash bar or limited bar, the experience of your guests can be greatly enhanced by selecting the right mix of beer, wine and spirits for your particular guest list. Creativity with a signature cocktail can provide a memorable piece to your guests experience. – Steve, Bambooze Fine Wine & Liquor

Hire people you can build a confident relationship with to ensure that you relax and enjoy your big day. Make sure they strive to fulfill your expectations with ease and make your day everything you envisioned. – Jami, Polonza Bistro

It’s nice when a bride has a couple dates in mind so they can get the venders they want. The cake should reflect your personal taste. Be sure to you setup a tasting with your baker and a design session. Do look at designs you like beforehand to show your baker a desired style. It helps for a more productive session. – Betty, Betty Webber Cakes

Wedding reception guests tend to congregate around the bar area, so making sure that your bar is well prepared and staffed with fun and professional bartenders keeps the party running smoothly with high energy, and also limits your liability as a host when your bartenders are tips and team certified for responsible alcohol service and safety. – Gulf Coast Bartenders