Unique Training Launched for Local Food Managers Toward accelerating local economic recovery

By Jim Crumlish
The Hospitality Industry has launched another major program for local restaurant owners. The unique aspect of a short-term, comprehensive and intensive “Soft Skills Training” course has been coupled with Florida-required Food Managers’ Food Safety Training.
Hot Spot BBQ owner, Jim Hlubek, arranged with Doorknob Books CEO and Business Development Coach, Teri Haggerty, to develop a customized complete program to train 12 managers to achieve the highly valued Doorknob Books Soft Skills Hospitality Certificate and the state-required Food Managers Certification. All 12 managers enthusiastically graduated with the soft skills program, while the morning class of six managers had seats to be tested and successfully earned the rigid ServSafe Food Manager Certification. The afternoon class of six managers will be tested in July.
These intense trainings are not for the laid back workers, but for those carefully vetted employees who are eager to progress and take leadership in contributing to the success of the restaurant and to the happy satisfaction of its customers.
Doorknob Books is well known for its unique series of Industry Employability Soft Skills Courses, originated by Professional Life Coach, Teri Haggerty. Two courses have addressed the great need for employability soft skills among new hires and existing employees in the broad-ranging Transportation and Hospitality Industries. To ensure optimum one-on-one learning for each individual, class size is limited to six students. Graduation rates and placement rates have consistently exceeded 80%.
As with so many businesses, recently, Haggerty Consulting, Inc., parent of Doorknob Books, suffered a shortage of adequate funding for the many applicants who typically are unable to support themselves as underpaid employees or those unable to get meaningful employment. Those applicants have continued to suffer even more financial hardship, while awaiting the pending government funding.
To take advantage of the COVID -19 imposed downtime, Ms. Haggerty set to work, day and night, to research funding opportunities, other than Government resources. Simultaneously, she completed research, wrote, copyrighted and published two additional Employability course books… “Essential Soft Skills” (transportable soft skills for any Industry) and “Information Technology, Fundamental Soft Skills”. All four industry courses are brief (1 day to 3 weeks), intense and taught by highly skilled professionally Certified Life Coaches.
Doorknob Employability Courses have been designed to fit appropriately into “The Future of Work” theme now being pursued by the US Department of Labor. All courses address sincere engagement in the company’s success and customers’ satisfaction.
Doorknob Books Industry Courses’ “Employability Skills; Eleven Keys to Unlock Your Career” recognize the national demand for, and professional impact of, key transportable skills: team building, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, networking, conflict management, business etiquette, leadership, ethics and logical actions. Other soft skills evolve as needed and are blended with management training and customized for the specific establishment.
As with Hot Spot BBQ, special vision and mission concerns, as cited by restaurant owners/general managers, may become part of the training details developed for a restaurant needing to train their food management staff. For other employees, the Food Handlers Certification course is available
Teri Haggerty, MBA, ODL, PCC may be contacted at [email protected].