UWF’s New Partnership Connects Students and Alumni with Employers for Micro-internships 


COVID-19 has derailed many college students. Many students were laid off and are scrambling to find ways to pay for classes. Students have had to alter their degree plans, which in some cases meant dropping their internship. Fortunately, the University of West Florida has a back up plan: micro-internships.  

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. UWF is partnering with Parker Dewey, which is an organization that connects college students and recent graduates to micro-internships.  

“We’re really excited about this new partnership with Parker Dewey and the additional access to real-world experience it will provide to UWF students,” Lauren Loeffler, executive director for Career Development and Community Engagement, said. “Now more than ever, we must think creatively about these experiences and not just rely on the traditional forms of experiential education.” 

Unlike traditional internships, micro-internships can take place year-round, typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and last between one week to one month from start date. These brief internships allow college students to explore career paths, network, demonstrate new skills while also getting paid. The majority of these internships, if not all, can be completed virtually. Since these internships are so short, students have the option of completing more than one micro-internship a semester.  

“Micro-internships provide a safe alternative during the pandemic since all micro-internships are offered remotely,” Sarah Fox, associate director for high-impact practices/experiential learning, said. “Students can still improve their career readiness skills in a safe environment that will make them strong candidates when they apply for future jobs while supplementing their income.” 

Parker Dewey connects students to micro-internships in a variety of departments including sales, marketing, technology, HR and finance.   

The process for applying for a micro-internship is easy. First, students and recent graduates have to make an account with Parker Dewey at info.parkerdewey.com/uwf. Once that step is complete, they can apply to numerous micro-internships.   

Employers who are interested in learning more about micro-internships and how to post assignments can contact the Office of Career Development and Community Engagement or visit the UWF Parker Dewey page at info.parkerdewey.com/uwf.   

This partnership with Parker Dewey complements UWF’s existing career development platform: Handshake. Handshake gives UWF students and alumni access to a plethora of nationwide and local employment opportunities, internships and part-time jobs. These opportunities help students sharpen their skills, build a network of professional contacts and gain new skills they can leverage as they seek future opportunities—especially in the current economic climate. 

To learn more about UWF’s career opportunities, students can visit uwf.edu/career.